Registration Instructions:

Your Inviter is a "Qualified" member, so you will see methods of payment and a complete Online Registration Form below. If your Inviter was a Confirmed member you would only see a "Contact Your Inviter Form" below. You can use this page to register using either method explained below just depending on how you want to pay your Sponsor.  

To Pay By Money Order or Cashier's Check:  

If you plan to send your payment by Money Order or Cashiers Check through the mail, you can download a hard copy of the Registration Form from the button below.  Then just fill out the copy of the form and include it with your $67.00 payment in the envelope you mail to your Sponsor. See Sponsor box below for mailing address.  

One thing to take into consideration is that, if you are sending a Money Order to a person located outside the United States, you may need to send them an International Money Order. International Money Orders are simple to purchase and can be bought at any U.S. Post Office.

Once your Sponsor receives your Registration Form and payment, he/she will send you the link to the back office  so you can download your business packages and access your training.  

Staple your money order or cashier's check to your hard copy Registration Form.  Then fold the money order up in the inside of your Registration Form so it cannot be seen through the envelope. Then place both items it in a #10 Business Security Envelope ( 4 1/8″ x 9 1/2) and send them to your Sponsor. Send the package as certified mail, so it can be tracked. Send to: 

William "Terry" Russell
7A-320 Main St North, Suite #210,
Brampton, Ontario, Canada. L6V 4A3
1-888-676-5057 or 1-289-632-7774

Call or email your Sponsor and give them the tracking number so you can make sure they get your package.  Please realize that there may be many packages coming to your Sponsor at the time you mail yours so be sure to contact your inviter by phone or email to make sure your package is accounted for properly.  As soon as they get your package they will CONFIRM you in their tracking database software and send you the link and to the Back Office Website.  Make sure that all of your information is correct on your hard copy Registration Form.

To Pay Online With Credit Card or Payment Processor:

If paying online by credit card or payment processor, just fill out the online registration form below and click the button to submit it, then you will be taken to a page where you can finish your payment to your Sponsor.  When you have finished making your payment, you will be taken through a "Gateway" to your back office. You must put in the "Gateway Password" to get through the Gateway. You'll get this password automatically upon checkout. Make sure you write it down. When you get to your back office you will have to register and you will be given a new user name and a password for the "Confirmed Back Office." Make sure you bookmark the back office website and store your user name and password in a place where you can get to it readily.

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 NOTE: One NOTE: One thing you must consider before joining the program is that you should have access to a Windows PC. The Tracking Tool Database for "Qualified Consultants" will only work on MS Excel 2007 or higher. If you own a MAC, you will have to keep your records by hand. Many of our Consultants do this, but it's still easier if you have access a Windows PC with Excel and use the Tracking Database.
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